Helping women choose life!

80% of women do not know there are other options

Hope Clinic Abortion Facility

But when told

Counselors meeting with young African American woman
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they often choose life

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African American holding infant

and with God all things are possible

Volunteering with us is a way of Life!

Sidewalk Advocate

Do you have a compassionate heart? Do you care about others? Have you participated in a 40 Days for Life campaign?

Do you feel a nudge to do more?

If so, perhaps God is calling to work on the front-line in His mission for life. As a sidewalk advocate with Sidewalks of Hope, an affiliate of Sidewalk Advocates for Life (SAFL), you offer Jesus’s message of hope, love and forgiveness to others. Yours is the role of the disciple and evangelizer. 

Each interaction begins with a friendly smile, a wave, followed by an attempt to find out what is going on in the mother’s life and where she needs help. The literature you provide lists the many service organizations ready to provide her with the help she deserves. 

You will never be alone! We will help you discern your calling. You won’t be pressured or rushed. If approved, you’ll receive sidewalk advocacy training from SAFL. It’s the best training available!!!

A quote often attributed to St. Francis comes to mind, “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”

You can be that candle! You can be that light!!!

Group of young men praying

Prayer Partner

One of the most important roles at the abortion facility is that of the prayer partner.

As a front-line volunteer you actively participate in the spiritual battle between life and death, good and evil, truth and falsehood. 

You call upon God’s grace in the lives of all you meet and faithfully pray while on the sidewalk, especially when a sidewalk advocate is speaking with an abortion minded woman. Your prayer opens her heart to Jesus’s message of hope, love and forgiveness. 

You are a source of strength on the sidewalk! Your presence is a powerful witness to life for all those who see you! 


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Prayer Associate

Another important role in the pro-life ministry is that of the Prayer Associate.

Your faithfulness to prayer benefits not only those on the front-lines, but also the mothers in need, and healing prayers for those we encounter on the sidewalk, as well as those submitting special prayer requests to Sidewalks of Hope.  

Your prayers rise up to God, bringing honor and glory to His name. He hears you! He knows you! He loves you and He answers you! 

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Your communication and social medial skills will help our voice reach out to those in the surrounding area who are seeking to work in God’s pro-life ministry. Through words, images and videos you encourage them to get involved!

If you have experience in social media, creating content, developing video, or designing web-sites we look forward to your help. 

With your help our ministry will grow and more women will choose life!


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About us

Sidewalks of Hope offers a compassionate, Christ-centered approach to the sidewalk ministry at Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, IL. We do not judge. We care about the mother and what’s going on in her life. We let her know there is help for her, baby and family.

Sidewalks of Hope is affiliated with Sidewalk Advocates for Life, a national group that offers exceptional training and program materials that prepare you for service on the front-lines of the pro-life ministry. We will work with you to discern your calling. You won’t be rushed or pressured. If you’re interested and approved, we’ll provide you the sidewalk advocacy training you need to be successful. The training offered by Sidewalk Advocates for Life is thorough. It identifies and addresses a variety of scenarios that you may encounter on the sidewalk. It’s the best training available!   

You’ll never be alone. Experienced sidewalk advocates, men and women who have completed the SAFL training, will walk with you every step of the way. 

Women often tell us they were having second thoughts, or they were uncertain about having an abortion, and we gave them the information they needed to choose life. Others say they had been praying for a sign. When they saw us, they took us to be that sign because of our compassionate and peaceful presence. 

With your help more women will choose life!

Please join us!

Why Some Women Abort

Research complied by sheds some light on that question. Of post-abortive women:

  • 64 percent of women reported feeling pressured to abort
  • Most felt rushed or uncertain, yet 67 percent weren’t counseled
  • 80 percent weren’t told of available resources
  • 84 percent weren’t sufficiently informed before abortion

However, of women who chose abortion, 82 percent would have chosen life had even ONE person encouraged them to do so. If only someone had been on the sidewalk. The good news is that, YOU can be that person!

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Please tell us about your talents and interests! Or submit your prayer request!

Thank you!

Helping women choose life!
"Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father." Matthew 5:16

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